The Kintsugi Kid

Allison Mathis Jones’ latest endeavor in her quest to inspire others to honor the beauty in the broken is her children’s book, The Kintsugi Kid.

The Kintsugi Kid introduces young readers to Pearl, a beautiful ballerina whose habit of twirling ends in a crash that leaves her feeling broken and discouraged. Pearl wonders if the brokenness can ever be repaired and is introduced to the Japanese practice of kintsugi.

“My interpretation of kintsugi is that items are made more beautiful because of their cracks, not in spite of them, and I feel that this is something that can be applied to people as well,” explains Allison. “Like broken pottery put back together with gold, we are made whole again in spite of our trials and tribulations and are more beautiful and unique having been broken. This is especially true for children who are often shaped by their childhood experiences. I think it’s important that we teach them from a young age to honor and celebrate the things that make them unique.”

Through Pearl’s journey of re-discovery, Allison strives to teach children important lessons about strength, resilience, confidence, and, ultimately, self-love, that will shape the way they face their own trials and tribulations for years to come.


Allison is the author of The Kintsugi Kid and is also a “kintsugi kid” herself. Health and wellness are important to the University of Miami graduate who has a background in mental health and a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. After recovering from a brain tumor removal, Allison became intrigued by the parallel of the Japanese art-form kintsugi and its process of repairing broken objects with gold lacquer. She felt that this art-form related to her own unintentional brokenness and healing experience. Allison holds the belief that all people have little gold filled cracks with shimmering traces that tell unique stories of resilience and renewal. Allison launched Kintsugi Candle Co.® and has become a beacon of hope to many as she encourages others to revel in their brokenness and embark on a journey of healing. Through her company, Allison shares her love of aromatic scented candles to demonstrate the importance of practicing self-care and self-love. Allison is originally from Georgia, but has traded in her Southern belle attire for a multitude of suitcases and passport stamps as she globetrots with her husband and sweet daughter. The Jones trio is currently living in Japan, but carry Georgia in their hearts. When Allison is not spending time with her family or influencing her growing audience on social media, she can be found as a featured guest on tons of family blogs spreading messages of healing, hope, and happiness.

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